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The John Beebe Model
The John Beebe Model add lights to the MBTI function.
To understand Jung theories, we have to resituate it in a context. Jung used mythological archetypes in order to start to type people.That's MBTI partially deals with social archetypes

We commonly say our shadow is our inverse type so for an INFP would an ESTJ. What I wanted you to understand, is that all of functions are little characters
So For an INFP is Fi is an INFP. His Ne is like an ENTP, His Si is like an ISFJ and his Te is like an ESTJ.

That's the John Beebe Model.
The first function is the Hero, the second is the Good Father/Good Mother, the third the Eternal Child, the forth the Anima (our gender opposite soul)

The Shadow functions are the way we judge people we don't understand. That's why we can deal with them is an efficient way. For example, I need Ne because my Ni is unusable, i really need to spatialize my idea to understand it.
the Opposing Personnality is the inverse of the Hero, etc

Opposing P ESFP
the Senex Witch ENFJ
Trickster ISTP
Demonic INTJ

In a story they often fight. I know as a fact because I have four principal character constantly fighting a group of four antagonists. When they defeat them they often take their charge, in understanding them.

That also the way we deal with real people, we antagonize themselves just to understand them after.
MBTI has an effect on how we see others types.

The Good Father/Mother and Eternal Child and Senex/Witch and Trickster are defined in the Transactional Analysis. Everyone has a child and parent in them. The Child is made of delusion or energy. The Parent made of stereotypes and The Adult (Self) is the rational instance that deal between them (also known as the inferior function)

A conversation between a supervisor and a direct report
If the Supervisor is ISTJ is parent would be INTP and child ESFJ

Transactional Analysis Ego States: Crossed Transactions (Source Bush 2015)  | Download Scientific Diagram

The IFS (Internal Family System)
The internal family system argue that we made of parts. Reactive parts protect the system from the Exile, because they bring the pain and all of things we hide from ourself in order to live. Reactive parts are made of the Manager and Firefighter. Managers rationalize, make long term planning to avoid the Exile to come. Firefighter are the short term decision, they bring addiction.
We see that Parent (manager) and child (firefighter) are again here.

The goal of IFS is using the Self to heal the part because they are polarized. The Self is the Anima also called inferior function

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